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Welcome to Casino No Deposit UK! Here you’ll find everything you will need to know to get the best no deposit bonuses and free spins at online casinos. We’ve searched far and wide for only the best no deposit offers, and collected everything into one, simple site. Read about and find the online casinos, bonus offers and no deposit free spins online. This will help you once you register at a casino online and get your hands on the bonuses.

There is a lot of casinos online today, and new casino sites pops up every day. They are all tying to get you as their new customer, and it can be a bit tricky to know what sites to trust and play at. Right now, there is more casinos on the UK market than you can count, and they all have offers that they say are the best. The casino market is just like any other market in that way – everyone claims to have the best offers and everyone wants you as their customer. As we said, this can make it hard to choose between all the sites, and that is why we created this site.

We who created this site are all dedicated casino players and we all love a nice casino no deposit bonus. We are constantly in the search for the best offers out there, and we search new and old casinos as well as big and small ones. If there is one thing we’ve learned through our active years, it’s how and where to find the best no deposit bonus at online casinos.

No deposit bonus

There is a lot to keep in mind when choosing a new casino. After all, this is where you will put you money and spend a lot of time. Of course you want it to be safe and secure, as well as treat you good. All casinos on our site has gone through a lot of tests, and a lot of ofter casinos failed. It is only the top sites that are presented here, and you can be sure that these are high quality sites with good offers and fair conditions. The last thing we’d like is an unfair casino that rips you off.

Although, no deposit bonus and free spins are not the only things you will find here. We also have a great collection of casino tips, interesting articles and a lot of fun stuff for you to take part of. Of course all our offers, articles and news are up to date and it only contains valid information. You can dig deep down into the world of black jack, roulette, craps, slots and poker – everything when it comes to online casinos really. We are also very proud of our collection of casino reviews, where you can read more about our selected and hand picked casinos. Again, only the best casino online gets to be presented on our site!

High demands

High demands for the best online casino sitesWe have high demands on our presented sites, since we only want to provide the very best to our players and readers. We want you to be up to date with relevant information about the best casinos and offers: To make sure this is the case, we do the dirty work for you. We analyse, test and work through all possible creases and corners of every casino site and offer, just so you can relax and trust the information presented here.

The outcome of our work is a helpful, easy to understand guide for everybody that’s interested in online casino bonuses. We specialise our site on no deposit offers, since we think this is the gold in the casino business. All sites may have bonuses, and finding one is not that hard. The tricky part is to get the bonuses that you get for free, without a deposit. These offers are the ones that really has the chance of making you a winner.

Free spins offers

With a good no deposit offer you can play for free, and keep the money you win. As an example, we can take a common bonus offer, such as a welcome bonus. Say you just registered and became a player at a new casino. Just for signing up, you get 20 free spins at a specific slot. With this free spins and free rounds, you can play for free and keep the winnings. The free spins gives you an opportunity to experience the casino and the games, before investing any of you money into it. If you like it, it’s all aboard and make a deposit, maybe so you get a new casino bonus. If you don’t – go visit another casino and get their bonus instead. Maybe you won some money that you can withdraw.

By playing for free, you also get the chance to test some new games. Many gambling companies will let you try their new games with a no deposit bonus in the form of free spins or bonus money. This is something you really should keep an eye open for, since it’s great for you as a player. This is your chance to try the new game for free and not risking any money. Just collect your bonus, try the game and keep the money you win. Maybe you will discover a new game that you love, and maybe you will get a big win to continue play with.

Best no deposit casino bonus

Bonuses and free spins can be very tempting, especially if it’s an offer you find extra interesting. There is some things you should keep in mind, however. Sadly it’s not all fun and games all the times.

Many bonuses are connected with a wagering requirement, a stops so you can’t withdraw the money instantly. This is like a safety hatch to the gaming companies, since they practically are giving their own money to you for free. They need to make sure that they have a chance to get them back. Wagering gives them the possibility to keep some of the money, instead of you withdrawing them instantly and playing with them somewhere else.

This is of course understandable, since the companies can’t loose too much money. However, it’s not really as fun for the players as it is for the casinos. The wagering requirements creates a huge risk for you as a player, since you don’t want to loose your money on the games. In short, it demands you to play for a certain amount of money before you can withdraw the bonus money as cash.

Play free casino and keep the earnings at online casinos

Wager free bonus

As the competition between the different sites grow harder, they must compete more about the players. This has one big winner – the player. The sites lowers their wagering requirements, giving out more and bigger bonuses and making the terms and conditions better. Some casinos has already begun to flush the wagering requirements down the toilet. Now you can get a thing called no deposit wager free bonus. This means you don’t have to risk any money to get the bonus, and every penny you win is yours to take instantly. It’s really the gold for a bonus hunter, such as us. By staying up to date here, you’ll too be able to find a bonus like that.

Casino top list

In our casino top list, you will find our hand picked sites. We’ve taken a lot of aspects into consideration, to make sure they keep up with our high standard. Here’s some of the things we look at when we discover a new casino online:

  • Bonus offers – we want them to be big, easy to take part of and possible to use in more than one way. We want it to be more than just 10 free spins at a slot – we want it to be many free spins and a lot of free money.
  • Support – a good casino should be easy to contact. Information should be easy to find and understand, as well as it should be easy to contact the site.
  • Games – a lot of games means a lot of entertainment! The more games and a wide variety, the more joy and fund for the players.
  • Layout – is the site easy to navigate at? It’s never fun to get lost at a site, not knowing how to get to the game or page you want. Layout and navigation is very important to us.
  • Wagering requirements – also a very important detail. What you win is what should be yours, and that means all of it. We prefer low wagering requirements, the best is wager free!

Keep in mind

Another thing to have in mind is how much your casino allows you to withdraw. Maybe you just won the big win at your favourite slot, and you are eager to buy that new watch or that trip with the money. Well, then you might be a bit beaten down when you see that you can’t withdraw all at once. Sometimes there is a limit that makes it impossible to withdraw more than a certain amount at the same time. This is something to look for, since it might ruin a otherwise happy moment. Be prepared what terms and conditions there is on your favourite casino, and take it in consideration. This way, you won’t have to be disappointed once you’re about to withdraw your earnings.

Some casinos will also have less good terms and conditions, and it’s important to know what they really are. Again, all of the casinos that we recommend here on our site all have good terms, and are all right. Although, some other sites might have huge wagering requirements and they may do more bad than good for you. Be sure to understand what you’re about to join, before spending money or registering.

Play safe

You should also remember to be careful when playing. Since casino games and gambling are easy to be addicted to, it’s very important to always be in control of your gambling. It’s real money, even though it may seem to be numbers without real value. If you start thinking that you are about to win your losses back, or if you start to bet money you can’t afford to lose, then it’s time to stop. Gambling and casino games should be fun and an entertainment. It should not have anything to do with anxiety, sadness or any other negative feelings.

Play only as long as you think it’s fun and while you’re sober. Make sure you only play with money that’s yours and that you can afford to loose them. Of you ever feel like you, or someone around you, need help – there is a lot of organisations to contact. We also look for this kind of help and support at online casinos. We think that a good casino should be taking care of their players, no matter what. All casinos that we recommend have a good and helpful support, even for the inactive players.

Play online casino games with bonus and free spins

Bonus in online casino games

You may also find free spins and bonus features in other ways than in a casino offer. Many games also have different kinds of bonus functions, many with a free spins feature. Mega Fortune Dreams, the famous slot from NetEnt, has both a free spins feature and a bonus feature. The bonus wheel gives you a chance to win the big jackpot that’s included in the game. In this bonus round you’ll need to stop the wheel at the right time. Three correct stops will give you a really big win! This bonus feature shows up if you get the right combinations of symbols on the reels, just as with the scatter symbols. These will give you free spins in the game, and you’ll get a few turns for free. Of course you get to keep what you win.

Mega Fortune Dreams is not the only slot that has this kinds of features. There is a lot of games that offers a free spin or bonus feature in the game. These are often really fun to play, and you can get big wins very quickly. In our reviews about the slots and games, you’ll find all the features available.