Free spins at online casinos

No deposit free spins at Starburst at Cashmio Casino, for 18+ and new players only. T&C appliesMost people want to have the cake and eat it. Or, as you could say when it comes to casinos – play for free and keep what you win. This is possible thanks to free spins – a free chance to spin at a slot and keep everything you win. We will explain it a bit more here, so you understand everything about it before you start using them.

It can be tricky when it comes to the terms and conditions for the free spins. Some casinos have huge wagering requirements and some offer a wager free bonus. This depends on what casino you visit and what they’ve decided. If you read this article, you’ll get to know everything you need so you can enjoy playing for free!

Free spins

Free spins is basically a chance to win a lot of money, but not betting real money. You play for real money that you got from the casino, and you keep the real money winnings. They are often given out as a gift from the casinos just like a welcome bonus or a no deposit bonus. Most of the casinos offer free spins, and all of the casinos on our site have some kind of free spins offer.

The value varies between the lowest bets on the slots as well as just above that. Free spins are only used in slots, and it’s called free bets instead if found on a betting site. A free spin is normally worth about £0.1 or £0.2, and you cannot change this value. The value remains the same value as it was set to have by the casino. Sadly, it also makes it harder to win big since you often need to bet big to win big.

Find the best free spins offers

There is a few ways to get your hands on some spins, and some are easier than the others. We thought we could share some tips since we all are fans of free spins. This is our favourite ways to get free spins – with and without deposit. One of the ways to get free spins is to sign up at a casino that offers free spins no deposit. It’s very common to have them in a no deposit welcome bonus, which you will find more about below.

Another way to get them is to make a deposit and use a deposit bonus. This way you will get an extra reward for your deposit, and you have more to play with. The minimum deposit is often £10 or similar, and you can get quite a lot of free spins for that. Keep your eyes open for bonuses with free spins because they can give you a lot more to play for.

Casinos are often handing out free spins to their players if they are announcing a new slot in their casino. This is a quick way to get some free spins and it can give you unexpected earnings. Free spins on new slots are also a great way to experience new games and step out of your comfort zone. The spins are almost always connected to one or a few specific slots and you can only use them there. Of course it might be a bit of a bummer if you really want to play at your favourite slot. However, it can give you a lot of both winnings and new experiences!

Tournaments and competitions

Another good way to get some free spins is to join tournaments and other competitions on the casino sites. It’s perfect since you have the chance to win a lot of fabulous prizes and other fun things. Sometimes you can collect tickets and compete about travels and cash prizes at the casino, just by playing certain slots. This is too a good way to discover new casino games. Cashmio is one of the casinos that offers daily challenges, and the prizes is sometimes free spins and bonus money.

Many casinos have started their loyalty or VIP programmes, where you can collect points to exchange for bonuses. SuperLenny, LeoVegas and many other casinos has this kind of programs. Here you can earn points or their own currency and use that to get to a higher level. You can also use your points or currency to get bigger and better bonuses, more extra spins or tickets to a raffle. Look for the VIP program, the loyalty club or the casino’s currency and you’ll have a chance to get even more extra spins.

High value spins

We talked a bit about the value of a free spins before. The value usually very low and matches the lowest bet on the slot. However, there is some casinos that think this is way too little and started giving their players more. Instead of increasing the number of spins, they started giving free spins with a higher value. This was a true hit among the players so they simply continued doing this. Now, more and more casinos has joined and higher valued spins are possible to find at many sites.

This spins with higher value are very popular by the players. They are often called super spins, mega spins, big spins or something in that manner. They give you the chance to win much bigger wins than the usual spins. If you play with this spins you will also have a chance of actually winning so much that you can continue to play even more. Just be aware of the wagering requirements that sometimes comes with them. Bigger wins with wagering requirements from the spins also means more to wager. This means bigger risk of loosing a lot, and it’s wise to at least be aware of it.

No deposit

No deposit bonus is exactly what it seems to be – a bonus that you get without having to make a deposit. We have talked a bit about the deposit free spins, that is free spins you get when you make a deposit. This is similar, but you don’t have to use your own money. For example, when you register at a new casino for the first time you can get some free spins to use. You don’t have to make a deposit – you just need to sign up. You can also get no deposit free spins if you change your loyalty points or currency for a free spins coin, if your casino have this kind of things.

No deposit welcome free spins

A no deposit welcome bonus is great for players, since it’s possible to join many of the different casinos. Almost every casino show off their welcome offers, and it’s almost always free spins as a no deposit bonus. By joining many casinos, you can get many free spins offers and have a lot to play with. Just remember that you only can have one account on every casino. Casinos strictly forbid you to have more than one account per site. Also, remember that the free spins only are valid at the casino that you got them from. You can’t move the bonus between the different sites.

The no deposit free spins as a welcome bonus will give you a chance to experience and explore the site before you decide to play there. It’s an introduction to the site and the games, so you can see if you like it. It’s never fun to invest money and time at something, only to realise you actually don’t like it. With the no deposit free spins you can use your free spins, look around and do a little research before you make a deposit. You might even win some money with your free spins so you can play even more, if you’re lucky.

Wager requirements

The term “wagering requirement” has come up a bit in this text. This simply means that you are forced to wager your money a certain amount of times before you can withdraw them. This applies to the earnings from the free spins, not the spins themselves. The demand is often 25 to 50 times, but it can be both bigger and smaller. It’s not the easiest thing to explain, but we’ll try by using an example.

If you take part of a free spin no deposit offer and get 20 free spins at Starburst, you can only use these at the slot Starburst. Say you play for these, and win £10. The wagering requirement is 25 times, which is actually quite low. This doesn’t mean you have to bet £10 x 25 – it means you have to wager £250.

If you play you will probably both win and loose. It’s still the wager that counts. It can be a bit less once you are done since the slots are supposed to only pay out 85 – 98 percent of the bets. Although, this might also make you dare more and bet more. It can, if you are really lucky, give you a lot more winnings since you might bet more. However, it’s best to try to avoid the wagering requirements completely.

No wager free spins

In our article about casino bonuses, we talk a bit about the wager free bonuses. The same applies to free spins, where you get all the money you win directly. The wager free free spins, or no wager free spins, is a very useful little thing. This means you can play for free with the free spins, and withdraw the won money instantly. Combine this with a no deposit and spins with more value, and you have a great start! You get to play for free at a casino, play with big bets and keep everything you want! It’s perfect, and something you really should strive for.

Some casinos have it, but it’s still hard to find. The gambling companies prefer to keep it to them selves since they often loose a bit on it. However, it’s very beneficial for the players, and it can be the difference between two otherwise good casino sites.

Free spins in slots

Of course there is other kinds of free spins than the ones we just explained. One very common version is of course the ones that you find in the slots. Games like Mega Fortune Dreams have scatter symbols, that will trigger a free spins function. They continue with the same bet as you made, and spins for a certain amount of times. It gives you a really good way to win a lot more with only one bet.

Slots like Steam Tower is more or less built based on the free spins. The free spins are used to climb the different levels to get higher multiplied winnings. The more free spins symbols you get, the more you win. You can find this feature in many other slots. We’re sure you’ll find something you like.

Sometimes triggered randomly, and might pop up at any time in the game. This is also a very fun function, which may give you a lot to enjoy. Just stay up to date with the offers from the casinos presented here on our site and you might get really much joy and winnings.